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With 20 years of business management experience and more than 30 years of customer service expertise, FMG Contracting is working hard to change the “face of contracting” as you know it.  Early on in our development we observed that customers were tired of the same old construction experience… Renovators showing up late or not at all, getting gouged with extras, and projects taking way longer than promised.   We knew that to stand out from our competition we needed to change things up a bit, so we created a simple but effective business platform which has been the foundation for all our projects to this day:

  • Show up when you say you will show up,
  • Do what you say you will do,
  • Charge what you say you will charge,
  • Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver,
  • Stand behind your work, and
  • Maintain superior communication with your customer before, during and after each project.

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To accomplish this, we hired the absolute best tradespeople we could find and trained them to be extremely customer-focused, ensuring that each of them were able to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

When you book FMG Contracting for your renovation project, you can be assured that our commitment to quality, integrity and service will be reflected in our work.

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